Sanda Class




Sanshou/Chinese Kick boxing  (Applied Kung Fu) training consists of six major components: free sparring techniques, take down and ground fighting techniques, Tai Chi Push Hands techniques, Qin Na and pressure point attack, internal energy(Qigong) training, and martial art routine training.


These six major components are not meant to be trained and applied separately. Instead, they should be integrated into a seamless web of skills which are versatile for dealing with different circumstances that may arise in real combat. The ultimate goal of Sanshou is to nurture and develop the complete martial artist-one who is skilled in long and short range fighting; in arm strikes, kicking, grappling, wresting, and pressure point attack; is capable of using internal and physical strength; and is morally righteous with an absolute control over one's own mind and body.


Why learn Sanshou? Who should take this class?

Anyone over the age of 16 interested in the applied aspect of Kugfu and practical self-defense.


Good for training endurance, strength, speed, and accuracy. It is highly advised that students have some Kugfu basic training before or in conjunction with Sanshou training                                                                                    .

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