Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is the most popular cultural performance in China. It's said the lion dance can bring good fortune and prosperity to wherever the dance is performed. While most often seen during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, company opening ceremony and special event like an election dinner banquet. Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume.The lion costume may be operated by a single dancer, or more frequently by a pair of dancers. The single dancer springs about while energetically moving and shaking the head and operating the jaws and eyes. The pair of dancers, forming the back and fore legs of the beast, mimic the motions of a single animal as they move between platforms of varying elevations. The dance is traditionally accompanied by gongs, cymbals, drums and firecrackers, representing the descent of good luck.

Our Lion Dance class is not just for demonstration. Its practice can enhance qualities like ability to relax while performing vigorous actions, fluidity of movement, stamina, mental clarity, carefulness, cheerfulness and courage, which are not only beneficial for Kungfu training but also for our daily living. Any Kungfu student who performs lion dancing soon finds his/her stances are much stronger, his stamina is increased, and he possesses greater overall strength. Lion dancing provides cardiovascular exercise, stance training, and weight training all rolled into one cultural package. And it’s a whole lot of fun!  Lion Dancing is a combination of Kungfu, acrobats and instruments. 

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