Excellent Kungfu Birthday Parties

If you have a birthday coming up, you should consider Excellent Kungfu for your next birthday party. We have a very professional setup, and experienced Instructors to provide you with the best birthday party experience possible. 

Please request the preferred date as early as possible to ensure availability. Our birthday parties are held on Saturdays or Sundays for 1 hour and 30 minutes. As far as guests are concerned, the more the merrier! We can accommodate up to 20 children of all ages in our large facility. The parents may watch if they would like to stay.  

Our Excellent Kungfu Instructors will provide an Olympic level Martial Arts demonstration. This demonstration will include weapons, advanced spinning kicks, advanced extension kicks, scenarios and much much more! Followed by the grand finale of the birthday boy or girl breaking multiple boards with their own techniques! This engages the guests and gets them excited to learn Kungfu !

We follow our Kungfu demonstration with a brief Kungfu lesson. This is just a beginner’s trial class and we will simply teach the guests how to make a fist, how to punch, how to kick and do some drills according to what they’ve just learned. This enables the guests to try Kungfu in a fun and stress free environment.

After our little Martial Arts lesson, we play fun games! While the games are being played usually depending on the time the family prepares some sort of lunch or snacks. After the game ends we make sure each guest washes up and sits at our table to enjoy some food!

The cake is the pinnacle moment for any birthday party, and our instructors at Excellent Kungfu do not shirk from this! We aim to provide a memorable cake cutting ceremony. 

We finish the birthday party with more games, and a group picture to send the guests and a thank you for coming. Included with this picture will be a 2 week trial coupon and Excellent Kungfu brochure for every guest. We want to see everyone enjoying out the Martial Arts, and a birthday party might just be the way to do it.

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