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Welcome to Unity Health Center

Unity Health Center is highly trained professional natural health center offers Chinese Kungfu practicing, Chinese health care treatment and online store services.

Our philosophy is founded on good health and well being principles and practices from Chinese Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine. Our company promotes positive thinking and focus to elevate and allow the true spirit of Martial Arts to flourish. Through practice and conditioning, practises' mind and body can find its best balance in our fast-paced world, giving you better health, wellness and increased energy and happiness.

Our Kungfu program is grounded in the ongoing promotion of good health and wellness through the practice of traditional sets of Martial Arts movements, referred to as forms, and through meditation to cultivate energy in one's body. Our Kung Fu program allows us to improve our level of fitness and also grow stronger in both body and mind, making us more resilient against stress, illness and injury.

Everyone can practice our Kung Fu program to gain a higher level of vitality and overall well being. And it's never too late to begin. Kung Fu means achieving self excellence ... being the best that you can in body and mind. Our classes are available for different age groups and abilities.           

Another major program is Chinese health care treatment . We are Offering a range of beneficial health services and treatments, we strive to provide the quality that ensures you will always be happy you visited us. Our treatment stay are proud to provide the community with our own renounced services in traditional Chinese Acupressure Acupoint massage therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cupping for deep tissue stimulation and more.Our repeat clientele speaks for itself. Helping to resolve various problematic health and pain issues, here at our heath care Center you will be glad you came. As you experience the treatments, your sure to be thankful that our staff has been able to assist you in feeling better and on your way to a healthier, more rejuvenated you!

We also offers online shopping channel.  We have Kungfu accessories such as Kungfu clothes, belts, shoes and Kungfu equipments, and also traditional Chinese health goods like massage bags, neck massagers and natural essential oils ect online.

According to the market demands, we also have provide additional services like martial arts performance and event planing.

Our famous Kungfu event performing team was been recognized in Vancouver lower mainland area. Many local associations and company invites us to perform on their special events such as grand opening ceremony, traditional festival banquet dinner, election and received unanimous praises. Recently, we was been invited by UBC Kungfu club to teach Chinese Kungfu there.

Even planning is another areas we are reaching. We can hold special events such as kids birthday party . Kungfu theme birthday party is a healthy and very appealing for kids who like Kungfu and Chinese culture. A Kungfu party gives opportunity for kids doing exercise, meanwhile, it keeps the children away from computers games and internet which brings children back to a true world. 

Overall, our goal is around traditional Chinese techniques Kungfu and heath care treatment, help people to build up a healthy body for a better living life.




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